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Welcome to Baldfields Farm

We are well into our lambing season now and are busy checking the ewes every half hour or so and giving aid where necessary

The recently born lambs have to be checked and we make sure they are feeding well- giving extra if we think they need it

We have turned our cattle out and they are enjoying the spring grass, even if the weather is not quite as nice now!

The Agricultural industry in the UK has reduced its use of antibiotics by 28% over the last two years, far better than was anticipated, a really good outcome!

Our farm comprises approximately 250 acres of land on which we rear british beef stock and lamb for the table. We are a working farm and we believe that is where our strength lies.

We never compromise on quality or taste, as we use our skill and knowledge to produce animals with excellent marbling, tenderness and flavour. Our animals graze naturally on old pasture for most of the year and we leave our young stock with their mothers for as long as possible.

Coupled with using a local butcher, this cuts down on stress levels for the animals, making the resulting meat sweet and flavoursome.

We use a respected family butcher with many years experience and all our beef is hung for 14 days.

We only believe in eating the best British beef and so we only produce the best!

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  • By the barn May 19

    Another flower easily seen at this time of year is Charlock- a weed of cereal crops, tall and yellow, part of the cabbage family.

    Posted: 3rd May 2019

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