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Bees & Honey

In Spring 2009 we gave a home to 7 hives of honey bees. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, our beekeeper has had to give up and we no longer have any hives here. But dont forget that other insects, Hoverflies/moths and butterflies and even birds and small animals also act as pollinators at times. Bumblebees are more important as pollinators as they are particularly hairy and collect more pollen as they are less particular on which plants they feed on.

summer honey will be taken from the hives now, as we get nearer to autumn and a honey substitute will be fed to the Bees as a replacement.

It is also the time when they may be under attack from wasps and hornets, attracted by the sweet honey contained in the hive and also mice, as they look for food and somewhere warm to live.

Now is the time to start planning how you too can help biodiversity and the environment, maybe by letting your lawns grow a bit taller, or by planting some wild flowers in a corner, or by letting wildlife move between gardens.

Please dont be so 'tidy' on the verges outside your property- this is also a wildlife corridor for all manner of wildlife and constant mowing depletes its value!