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Bees & Honey

In Spring 2009 we gave a home to 7 hives of honey bees. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, our beekeeper has had to give up and we no longer have any hives here at the moment. However, I still intend to keep you up to date with what should be happening in the hives you may see about.

Lots of flowers about now and Bees are busy visiting as many as they can to build up food reserves.

If you see one that looks a bit slow and disorientated try placing a little sugar solution next to it to give it some energy. In warm weather they will fan their wings at the entrance of the hive to try to keep the heat levels down. If you have Bees in birdboxes in the garden, they may well be bumblebees and the Beekeepers are unable to do anything about them, but they will eventually leave.