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Bees & Honey

In Spring 2009 we gave a home to 7 hives of honey bees. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, our beekeeper has had to give up and we no longer have any hives here at the moment. However, I still intend to keep you up to date with what should be happening in the hives you may see about. But dont forget that other insects, Hoverflies/moths and butterflies and even birds and small animals also act as pollinators at times

Although Honey bees are important pollinators, so are many other insects and we encourage these by leaving habitat for them too.

Hover flies are an integral part of the insect population! Now the autumn honey will begin to be taken from the hives as the late summer flowers enable the bees to build up ready for winter. You may still see the bees out and about whilst the weather is warm, as they continue to fill their winter stores. We are seeing many Hornets about now, particularly round Buddleia. They can harrass Beehives, wanting to plunder the honey!