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By the Barn Blog

A collection of thoughts and tales around the life of a farmer.

By the barn July 19

Posted: 5th Jul 2019

Soft fruits are ready to be picked, as are the salad vegetables and this is labour intensive- a bit of a problem if foreign staff is unavailable

By the barn June 19

Posted: 5th Jun 2019

It’s time for an important day in the farming calendar- Open farm Sunday on June 9th A day when normal working farms open their gates to allow people to see exactly how food is grown and answer questions about production.

By the barn May 19

Posted: 3rd May 2019

Another flower easily seen at this time of year is Charlock- a weed of cereal crops, tall and yellow, part of the cabbage family.

By the barn April 19

Posted: 2nd Apr 2019

So the soil is very much a living thing and we don’t want to destroy the balance, it’s much better to work with than against and whatever is taken out needs to be put back- something farming detractors do not seem to think we do.

By the barn March 2019

Posted: 27th Feb 2019

Flowers are becoming easier to spot and the early celandines are turning their face to the sun once again.

By the barn Feb 2019

Posted: 11th Feb 2019

It's also "Februdairy", a response to "veganuary" and a chance to repudiate some of the claims made against the dairy and farming industry.

By the barn January 2019

Posted: 1st Jan 2019

The ewes are all, hopefully, in lamb now and, unless the weather takes a turn for the worst, will be able to manage on what they can find. This also means we must be careful when using Ted to move them- we don’t want him to scare or hurry them too much.

By the barn December 18

Posted: 20th Dec 2018

So you see, all our modern traditions are mixed up with ancient ones.

By the barn November 2018

Posted: 10th Nov 2018

Anyway, we still have to carry on as normal- our sheep need to move to where the grazing is available and we are continuing to take our finished lambs to market.

By the barn October 18

Posted: 6th Oct 2018

She might not have had the career and kudos of women today but was (and women like her are still) intrinsic to agriculture!