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A morning with us

Posted: 6th May 2015

The air is crisp and still when I go out to feed two lambs for the first time today- they’ll be fed three more times throughout, one without a mum and the other blind.

While one is suckling the bottle, I have chance to look at the ewes still to lamb, not many now, thankfully and all are lying down in the early morning sun.

As are the ewes and lambs in the neighbouring field- just one or two up and grazing. These lambed earlier in the year and some lambs are about ready for market- maybe this week.

I can hear birdsong, in particular a Great Tit, which is particularly piercing, but a couple of Greylag geese take off from a nearby pit and add to the cacophony.

Next I walk over to look the cows a couple of fields away. These are also due to calve, in fact we have six born over the last few days and one makes a plaintive cry and its mother replies.

Our dogs, who have come with me, know to keep their distance, but it doesn’t stop Ted, our 6month old sheepdog from bounding ahead and chasing a swooping Swallow, which chatters in fright. He also manages to put up a couple of Pheasant which fly over the adjacent hedge.

This is covered with Blackthorn blossom and the green of the new Hawthorn leaves make a lovely contrast. Some goldfinches flit about it and a couple of Yellowhammers squabble further along as I return to the farm.

Our old pear tree is rich with white flowers and our Bees are buzzing loudly amidst its branches. The tractors are being filled, ready for todays jobs of power harrowing and sowing, as we need to get this springs seed in and I can see a neighbour already out fertilizing and rolling grass.

Later I have to go and collect some parts and notice the Oilseed rape just starting to come into flower- its yellow petals bright in the sunshine.

A neighbour is out spraying as there is hardly any breeze today. Although it looks a lot, the amount of actual chemical is miniscule and it is water that makes up the larger part of what I see.

Back home and its time to give my two lambs their second feed of the day and so I boil the kettle and mix up their milk.

Posted by: Angela
Categories: Farming

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