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By the barn April 21

Posted: 29th Mar 2021

“The Silver Birch is a dainty lady,

She wears a satin gown,

The Elm tree makes the old churchyard shady, She will not live in town.” Edith Nesbit

April arrives and we’re creeping slowly back to some sort of normality, at last! The hedges and trees are beginning to come into leaf.

The grass fields are greening up, being fertilised( whether by natural means or by the addition of artificial ) and rolled to encourage growth and the crop fields are growing strongly. Farmers are busy tending to the foods they are cultivating, making decisions based on advice, or experience. We’ve also got some Spring field work to do- ploughing up some over wintered stubble and working down and sowing.

We are lambing this month- outside during the day and inside at night, the ewes soon get into the routine. It also means we can keep them inside if the weather takes a turn for the worst( which it can still easily do). Any lambs born outside are brought into an individual pen, where they can be kept an eye on, before being turned out again into the nursery paddock. With some of last years lambs still on farm, we have been feeding them over the last few weeks ( to make up for the lack of grass growth) and are hoping to take them to market as soon as they are ready.

Other farmers will be Spring calving, but ours don’t calve until June. They were turned out at the end of March, after our six monthly Btb test. Our home bred bull did enjoy a romp in a field briefly early in March when he managed to slip through a gate( my fault!) when we were mucking out his shed, but he soon wanted to come back in when he realised I’d stopped his ladies from joining him!

Our Red Tractor assurance status means that everything has to be recorded and that means I have to regularly make time to update all my records. But it means that the customer can have complete trust in what they buy if the product carries the little Red Tractor - recognised by 50% of consumers( the highest of any assurance marque).

As the weather warms up one of the first butterflies out and about may be the Comma, it’s larva feeding on nettles- looking like it’s had its wings crimped and maybe even a little bit moth eaten if it is an over wintered adult.

And, at last, we will see the return of the Swallows and House martins, coming back to the same old nesting sites they were raised in( what becomes of them if their stables and sheds are converted?) and then we know that Spring is well and truly here! buzzard

Posted by: Angela
Categories: Farming

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