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By the Barn Blog

A collection of thoughts and tales around the life of a farmer.

By the barn December 19

Posted: 3rd Dec 2019

All over the country, farmers have struggled to harvest maize and potato crops, to work and resow fields and some still have seed corn and fertiliser in store, with the financial impact that that carries.

By the barn november 19

Posted: 5th Nov 2019

Either way, in the short term our home produce- whatever it is , loses out and then there is less income, less investment and less viability.

By the barn October

Posted: 26th Sep 2019

The scents of ploughed land, over ripened berries, damp earth and strong fox odour become a constant.

By the barn

Posted: 3rd Sep 2019

Our Buddleia is covered with Red Admiral, Peacock and Tortoiseshell butterflies and the fallen fruit in the orchard will also provide food for insects, birds and animals. Quite a job picking windfalls that haven’t been nibbled by something and dodging drunken wasps!

By the barn August 2019

Posted: 5th Aug 2019

August means harvesting if the weather is amenable, but it seems this year harvest will be late. But there is still much to do while we wait for the combines to roll.

By the barn July 19

Posted: 5th Jul 2019

Soft fruits are ready to be picked, as are the salad vegetables and this is labour intensive- a bit of a problem if foreign staff is unavailable

By the barn June 19

Posted: 5th Jun 2019

It’s time for an important day in the farming calendar- Open farm Sunday on June 9th A day when normal working farms open their gates to allow people to see exactly how food is grown and answer questions about production.

By the barn May 19

Posted: 3rd May 2019

Another flower easily seen at this time of year is Charlock- a weed of cereal crops, tall and yellow, part of the cabbage family.

By the barn April 19

Posted: 2nd Apr 2019

So the soil is very much a living thing and we don’t want to destroy the balance, it’s much better to work with than against and whatever is taken out needs to be put back- something farming detractors do not seem to think we do.

By the barn March 2019

Posted: 27th Feb 2019

Flowers are becoming easier to spot and the early celandines are turning their face to the sun once again.