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By the Barn Blog

A collection of thoughts and tales around the life of a farmer.

By the barn November 21

Posted: 1st Nov 2021

With the days noticeably shorter now (and getting shorter day by day), with some of our livestock still outside, we must tend to them whilst we can easily see- taking out silage if needed, checking for signs of illness etc.

By the barn October21

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

We’ve always had an eye on our soils, trying to keep lots of organic matter in them. We’ve also tried Spring sown crops too, but our ground hasn’t dried up enough for them to be successful these last few years and so have returned to Autumn sown crops.

By the barn September 2021

Posted: 7th Sep 2021

By the barn August 2021

Posted: 2nd Aug 2021

We would hope to begin to buy in our store lambs, to keep them to sell much later in the year. We have much more grass for livestock to eat this year, having grassed some arable ground with a temporary ley.

By the barn july 2021

Posted: 5th Jul 2021

Harvest is also a dusty, grubby job and usually means long hours- please take care when in the vicinity of mechanical equipment- its so easy for accidents to happen, through tiredness, through desire to get the job done and through inexperience.

By the barn June 21

Posted: 3rd Jun 2021

As we come to the end of this seasons calving, the young cattle look content as they laze in the sun, tails twitching flies away, before leaping up to find their mums and suckle- foamy milk dripping from their mouths.

By the barn May 21

Posted: 3rd May 2021

Nests are found in all sorts of places at times and not necessarily in the nesting box put up especially for them

By the barn April 21

Posted: 29th Mar 2021

But it means that the customer can have complete trust in what they buy if the product carries the little Red Tractor - recognised by 50% of consumers( the highest of any assurance marque).

By the Barn March 21

Posted: 7th Mar 2021

After the continual feeding/bedding routine, whilst they’re inside, It’s a joy to watch them kicking their heels up( the old ones too!) as they rush out to pastures they know so well and in a couple of months the main calving period begins.

By the barn February 21

Posted: 8th Feb 2021

The ewes are grazing out still and are quite insulated against snow and frost with their thick fleeces, which have regrown after summer shearing. They can usually find food no matter what the weather and have a metabolism which can utilise rough pasture.