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The Farm

Baldfield's is a "Traditional" farm in that it retains the structure, layout and common usage from Medieval times.

In fact, we have the remains of a medieval village in one corner of a field.

You can see the ridge and furrow from the manual workings fanning out. We have also replanted an old orchard that was showing on historical maps, ten years ago. Alongside our arable producing fields, we make room for wildlife, with an area given over to seeding for food and habitat for birds and small mammals.

Our cattle and sheep have been bred and reared only on our farm and fed what we grow ourselves, but this season we have bought in some 'store' lambs from another farm and are growing them on, to sell at market when they are fit enough. However, these are kept separate from our own for biosecurity purposes.

Although our cattle are all home bred(& have been for several years) we have suffered from Bovine TB infection in our herd.

We made use of a free service to improve our herd Biosecurity to keep out disease and cattle have been both skin and blood tested to make sure there is no residual infection. It is highly likely it came into our cows by badger transmission!

Unfortunately there is no cattle vaccine and the current one used for badgers is BCG, which doesn't get rid of infection.

It is mainly old pasture and a large percentage of this is ridge and furrow. Bordered by water courses on two sides, Baldfield's Farm is also on the edge of three parish boundaries and is crossed by several footpaths.

We have been accepted into the Higher level stewardship scheme, which means that we have to maintain the hedges and pasture by traditional methods.

Our pasture contains a wide variety of plant species and thereby supports numerous insects etc. These in turn provide food for many species of birds and animals.

We leave ground available to ground nesting birds and animals.

We are very keen on our farm to conserve wildlife, as are many other farmers. To this end we are part of higher level stewardship and entry level schemes. In 2009 and 2012 we had RSPB farm bird audits carried out.

This is for our own interest and we have seen some interesting results, such as the sighting of a Cuckoo.

If you have any questions about the farm then please do get in touch by email or telephone us on 01283 732434